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Start your transformation now!

  • Quarantine Home Plan

    Every week
    Home workouts, body weight workouts / equipment free
    • Daily workouts on the Bangn Bodz app with videos
    • Bangn Bodz eating plan - personalised to you
    • Goal setting with your coach
    • Unlimited messaging for support with your trainer
    • $49 Registration fee (covers 30 min goals/ Nutrition chat)
  • Best Value

    Bangn Bodz Ultimate

    Every week
    The ultimate personal training package!
    Valid for 16 weeks
    • Personalised eating plan (E-Book)
    • The Bangn Bodz training program
    • Goal setting and induction with Coach
    • Daily support from your coach
    • Intensity techniques to change the game for training
    • Full gym program uploaded within 24 hours of registering
    • $49 Registration fee (covers 30 min goals/ Nutrition chat)
  • Eating program

    A tailored eating plan based on your goals!
    • Custom eating plan
    • Initial chat with your trainer
    • Goal setting with your trainer
    • Follow up with your trainer after 4 and 8 weeks.